Erk! Hi guys. So sorry there haven't been any updates lately. This is only going to be a sort of interim update. I've had a lot on my plate just lately and also went on an unexpected trip back to England for my Dad's 80th birthday, so I just haven't had time to contribute much on here. I haven't started sending out physical rewards yet, either – I'm really sorry about that. I have been working hard on the game, but there's not a lot to talk about with it yet. By the end of next week I'll have one or maybe two creatures installed in the program, with their muscles wired up to their bones, and will be back to writing code. I've also started writing up the brain theory, but I still have some way to go yet before it's worth putting up on the site. Everything's been a bit frantic, but I'm back on an even keel again now. More news soon.


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