Health Monitor

This is a simple, consumer-grade device like you might buy in Walmart. It monitors the selected creature’s basic health signs and heart rate.

​Turn the blue knob to switch it on (drag right). In the first mode it shows an overview – the bar on the right is high when all is well, and low if something might be wrong. By leaving it in overview mode and using the blue creature-selector knob on the CDU to cycle through all your creatures, you can quickly check their health.

Turn the knob further to enter the other modes and check the details. Note that low means bad, so a low value for weight may not mean your creature is too thin – it may be too fat! The pregnancy mode monitors a hormone whose concentration rises during pregnancy. When it gets close to the top, a birth is imminent.

​The audio heartbeat tone can be turned off using the rocker switch on the top-right.