Movement Controls


At a minimum, all you need are the WASD keys. In fly-by-wire mode, Colin will move and turn horizontally and he’ll automatically climb slopes if you’re fairly close to the ground. Note: Hold down SHIFT to go faster.



You can also use your mouse to look around and steer, by holding down the right mouse button. When you do this, a couple of other things also change: the left mouse button can now be used to add thrust, rather than click on things, and the A and D keys now slide you sideways instead of turning (since you’re using the mouse to turn). By default the vertical axis works the way most joystick users expect (push forward to pitch down), but you can invert it in the Options screen of the CDU if you wish.


The 1, 2, 3 and 4 keys can be used to memorize useful viewpoints when you’re in the lab or the virtual world. Just drive yourself to where you want to go (e.g. a machine you need to use often) and hold down SHIFT plus a number key to memorize it. Then all you have to do is press the number again to go to that location. When you’re in VR mode, this sets the target for Colin’s autopilot and automatically switches it on.


  • Turn knobs by clicking and dragging left or right. Alternatively you can hover over the knob and use your scrollwheel.
  • Click on switches to flip them.


  • To enter VR mode, either click on the VR goggles or press SPACE. Press SPACE again or click on the EXIT button on the head-up-display to return to the lab.
  • To control Colin from inside the lab, via the CDU screen, drag the CDU joystick with the mouse to turn, and USE the WASD keys for other controls as normal.
  • Cycle through Colin’s possible actions (poke, carry, etc.) by clicking the action button the the HUD or pressing TAB, then click on a nearby object to perform the action on it.
  • Pressing M switches between fly-by-wire and manual flight modes (see below), or you can click the button on Colin’s head-up display.
  • L or a HUD button turns on Colin’s spotlight.


By default, Colin is in “fly-by-wire” mode. He handles basic terrain avoidance and stays rock-steady; you just drive him around horizontally for the most part, or ascend straight up or down. This is the best mode for keyboard-only use, trackpads, and people who get queasy easily. It’s also best when using Colin as a sky crane.

It’s also possible to fly Colin manually, by clicking the button on the HUD or pressing the M key. In manual flight mode, Colin moves in the direction he’s facing, so if you pull back on the stick he’ll pitch upwards and ascend when you press the forward key. Forward, backward and vertical movements are still carried out using the keyboard.