Change Log for the August 2016 Build


  • View shortcut memories (1234) are now saved to disk.
  • They can also be used to remember locations in the virtual world and drive Colin’s autopilot.
  • Colin manual flight mode is no longer framerate-dependent.
  • SHIFT key boosts speed
  • Better method for dragging knobs
  • Right button allows the mouse to be used for steering (instead of clicking on things), and while this is held down, the left button optionally controls thrust. Since A and D aren’t then needed for turning, they slide sideways instead.
  • Added a contextual help system for objects and general help (it should explain itself!)
  • Added confirmation dialog when we press ESC to quit
  • Can now type values into CDU pages (name, owner, etc.).
  • There are no default creatures any more, but you can create some using the old editor menu and they’ll still be there next session. You can give them names using a page in the CDU.
  • Debug consoles that used to be invoked using F1 and F2 are now moved to F12 and F11, so as not to interfere with help.
  • PAUSE key now cycles through 10fps, 30fps and unlimited, for detecting framerate dependencies


  • I’ve MOSTLY fixed navigation, where creatures were previously bumping into things and just kept on walking
  • Assorted bug fixes


  • Cleaned up balance, CG, etc. a bit
  • Creatures created in an editor will be given randomized appearance genes, but these remain with the creature for the rest of its life (i.e. between sessions).
  • Growth improvements, ready for when the chemistry exists

Graphics & system

  • Rewrite of the mouse and keyboard handling to centralize hover/click/drag behavior and make it more flexible
  • Fixed a few Unity breaking changes – skybox reflections, terrain material
  • Basic analytics added, so that later I can gather bug stats and usability data
  • Game state is saved on quit and reloaded on start, including re-spawning of dynamic objects (not everything is saved yet)
  • Hooks are in place for modding
  • import/export of objects, creatures and 3D resources
  • Improved cleanup and object deletion
  • Switched to Unity 5.4 release
  • Fixed the problems where I had to duplicate some files when cutting builds


  • Assorted eye candy
  • Slightly better lighting
  • Better CDU design, with more tools for flying Colin, tracking creatures, etc.
  • New health monitor, as an example of tools for the relatively non-technical user
  • New chemical monitor (roughly based on a gas chromatograph) for the more technically minded
  • Whiteboard and photo frame with changing images downloaded from my server
  • Pin board with simple live weather forecast.
  • New creature selection logic and features
  • Colin has an autopilot for finding / following creatures and moving to memorized locations.


  • Edible plants that grow and need correct environment (not finished. They don’t self-seed yet)
  • Nicer but far less GPU-intensive ocean
  • Early stages of the portal, for import/export/transit of objects and mods. Import/export of creatures mostly works (see context help)
  • Somewhat better fog

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