For the stalkers out there ….

Some of you mentioned looking in Steve’s windows to see what he’s been up to. Here are some shots of what you might have seen (in addition to hours and hours and hours of coding, which doesn’t look like much in photos). Working out aspects of the brain structure, thinking through solutions to difficult developments, studying the motions involved in walking (I’m not posting the photos of him on his hands and knees testing joint motions; saving those for potential future blackmail), remodeling the mapping organization, testing and adjusting, watching hours of data, hunting down glitches, debating the merits of mathematical formulas for accurately coding learning, and drawing models, among other activities. He’s been working at least twelve hours a day, usually quite a bit more, often not stopping even to replenish groceries. I’ve had to practically kick him out of the apartment every now and then to get a glimpse of sunlight, breathe fresh air, and engage in movement that isn’t imitating a quadropod. The man is a workaholic. Actually, he’s dedicated and immersed in his vision of what these creatures can be. I think he has something to show you in a few hours or so, but you might enjoy a voyeuristic moment in the meantime. (Since it lets me post only one photo with the article, I’ve combined a few into one.)


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